Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO program create Exponential return on marketing investment

Conversion Rate Optimisation is what we call the endless game, it’s improving testing implementing and go back in the circle. We keep running in an infinity loop. Technology changing lightning-fast, platforms such as Facebook and Google are changing their algorithms every couple of months. Therefore, we have to keep up with them or the same thing that working magic for us might become illegal and work against us in next month. Social media is going crazy fast so if you don’t remind your clients of your self every week a couple of times you will be gone from their mind.
Social media and digital marketing is not one time game, it’s a long journey game that you might win for a while but you don’t have the luxury to rest.

What is it about ?

Conversion Rate Optimisation

What do we do?
We at DetoXfi are result driven, so we are mainly focused on data that could make sense for us. One of the measure figures is leads, it’s the number of visitors generated from a blog, a post, or an ad. They did visit our page but they have not bought or reacted yet. This number is important not because of the figure itself but because of what we can understand from it when it goes up or down.
The second figure is conversion: it’s those who visited our page or site and convert. Now convert is that they did the Action we suggested to them not that they bought, some times this action is to buy now but not always.
The third figure is conversion rate and that means dividing the conversion number on leads and get a percentage.
Now, what do we mean by conversion rate optimisation?
It means we have specific tactics and techniques to increase this rate, for example, increase the rate from 20% to 34%. For some businesses that mean millions and for some mean the difference between losing money and making a profit.
How we do it
Our conversion rate optimisation experts will implement A/B tests on your website and landing pages to access what is doing great so we can build on top of it, and what is harming so we can be tweaking it or change it entirely to improve the result. We test everything on your landing page, such as buttons colour, call to actions, content, and headlines.
Whether your business is a large B-to-B or small shop, CRO is very important for your marketing.
Our process for CRO
Our CRO team has special skills that help them to implement the successful test, analysis, develop, and implement changes to increase conversion.
Yes we are revealing our secrets it’s just a process by itself that would not deliver great work but our team can deliver great profit for you.
So please if you want to try it do it at your own risk.
Auditing landing page and website
To start right we begin by auditing your business website and landing page in-depth, tracing your traffic source, where is it coming from, how much traffic you receiving each day, and how reliable and consistent your traffic is over time. So, we can factor all that into our test.
A/B Testing
We love the testing website and landing pages so we can keep improving on their headlines, content, colours, form fields. It’s never old and we don’t get bored with it.
Our testing covers every aspect of marketing from content to the UI/UX, we don’t leave anything on purpose or by mistake.
Researchers found that 83% of marketers do not implement A/B testing for their clients landing pages and ads campaigns, they should have!!!
We the only marketing agency that guarantees an increase in your conversion rate, because we know your goal and your problems as we spend a great amount of time learning about your business and analyse it. Therefore, we can increase your return on marketing investment ROMI and increase the profitability of your ads campaigns.
The best thing for you that you don’t have anything to lose, remember we will give you your money back in case you don’t deliver.
Who is it for?
If you are running online campaigns and you don’t get good revenue or you think you should be getting more.
There are many reasons for your low conversion and we offer you our CRO solution.
Our program is primarily geared towards businesses spending between $50,000 annually on digital advertising.
A/B Testing + Profitable google Ads = Exponential return on marketing investment.
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