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Content marketing

In the digital world content is the king

Search engine and social media advertisement is only a small part of the battle, one of the most important part is when visitors are redirected to your landing page: how would you convert them into buying customers. We use neuromarketing to write the best converting content and UX to create the greatest experience and flowless transaction.
At DetoXfi we go the extra mile to understand your customers buying journey, every product/service has a unique buying journey.
Our team go throw many stages to collect data, steps and getting customers to fill surveys to find and build your product/service accurate customer journey.

What is it about ?

Content marketing

Including but not limited to, videos, images, audio, and social activities that can be seen or talked about.
We love creating content for our clients, it’s not an easy task but because of our expertise we do enjoy it a lot. Advertisement without feeling or education is far gone when advertisement used to be loud music and pretty actors rounding around.
DetoXfi media team will always find a way to create media that educational, stick to the mind and fun to watch content.
For companies like DetoXfi, we only talk to our clients when they are just one step from buying, so how do we sell them ?
In reality, we don’t!!!
We just educate them about their problems and how they can solve them, then we show them how we can do it.
Finally, they call us asking for help.
So many of our leads will learn and implement our techniques, without paying us or even without us knowing about them.
But that’s our goals some businesses are small and we can’t afford to work with them but we still love to help so they have time but not money so they learn and do it by themselves.
The rest of business that can afford us but they can’t afford to spend time to learn the process and waiting to gain the experience, they turn to us and we help them start doubling and tripling their profits right away.
Who is it for?
If you have your marketing department or don’t
And you are looking for facing low conversion, unprofitable campaigns, law sales.
Or even the best feel that your business has the potential to do so much better then it’s for you.
Our program is primarily geared towards businesses spending or willing to spend $10,000 and above annually on digital marketing and online advertising.
There is a saying “if you want to sell to everyone you will sell to no one”
Targeting is a major key in marketing and sales, so please do not take it lightly.
After studying your previous clients and your product/service specification, we short out our list of people that would be interested in buying your products/services.
Then we connecting dots from your business goals and objectives to laser cut our persona, we don’t target everybody and everyone for the sake of generating leads. Leads are great but that’s would be expensive, so we would only target the leads that are highly likely to buy and when they buy their bill would be large enough to cover the marketing expenses and generating profit for your business.
A/B Testing
We love the testing website and landing pages so we can keep improving on their headlines, content, colours, form fields. It’s never old and we don’t get bored with it.
Our testing covers every aspect of marketing from content to the UI/UX, we don’t leave anything on purpose or by mistake.
Researchers found that 83% of marketers do not implement A/B testing for their clients landing pages and ads campaigns, they should have!!!
DetoXfi team will always deliver the result we have promised, and our result in content marketing is 5 x to 15 x increase in conversion. I know it’s sound too good to be true, but this is marketing.
In sales result can be only incremental, so one salesman can make 10 sales a day. Hire one salesman and get 10 more sales.
In marketing, the result not only increments but can be multiplied. For instance, you may make a good landing page and get 2x – 3x – 10x – 100x the sky is the limit.
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63 Al-Sharif Abdul Hamid Sharaf St
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+962 79 1011 603
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AIC 56a Anzac st, 2nd Floor, Suite 5
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