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Marketing Director

Lumity technology solution is a software provides flexible intranets to leading enterprises around the world.

DetoXfi has done an amazing job for our company. What differentiates them from agencies that we hired previously to manage our digital marketing is the time and efforts they spent on our business to understand it before starting advertising for us, the previous agency start to run ads without knowing much about our business just so they can charge us right away. Moreover, they are on top of all the recent technical changes in PPC, that something hard to do and we could never do without them. We are very lucky to work with them, as they have added great value to our business.

David Mactaggart

About the company

Lumity technology solution is a software provides flexible intranets to leading enterprises around the world.

  • PPC Management
  • Paid Social
  • Landing Page Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Market Research


Conversion Rate
Decrease in cost / SQL
Increase in MQL & SQL
Website Traffic
Lumity technology system is an intranet company that provides all business levels with intranet software solutions from small to large businesses. The Lumity systems are extremely reliable and great for businesses that want to connect and engage with employees and get the experience of large organizations software.
DetoXfi was hired by the guard of leaders to help increase sales and subscription into their services and by aggressively ramp up advertising efforts.
  • Goals to scale were extremely high
  • The company was in mass which made communication with decision makers hard
  • Increase advertising spend to $100,000 a month
  • Increase volume of MQLs and SQLs which will lead to closed deals
  • Create a Main Strategy that could be used to implement strategies for the parent company
  • Multi-pronged approach to accomplish marketing goals
  • Leverage LinkedIn insights data to build valuable audiences for remarketing
  • Capture BOF customers through search
  • Maximize market coverage by leveraging AdWords, Bing, LinkedIn, and YouTube Advertising
  • Increase brand awareness using social media and YouTube
Previous efforts from previous agency, trying to hit the ground running and increase spending asap. So that’s what they exactly did, they started by launching new AdWords and Bing campaigns with an vastly wide range of keyword list, created new YouTube video ads and launched Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns. The strategy was to increase leads and website visitors by using broad keywords and aggressive bidding while also trying to increase the size of the targeted market. However, Lumity leaders did not see the performance they wanted. The corporate reporting showed not much improvement in sales, and the majority of their spending were just money through away.
After taking over the case we made adjustments to marketing strategy and set more realistic goals for Lumity.
One of the difficulties we faced after we took over Lumity were measuring result as sales cycle for enterprise software could be from 3 to 6 months, so in order to measure accurately we set up regular reporting and phone calls with VPs.
We started our journey by creating YouTube and LinkedIn awareness campaigns so we generated enormous number of leads and getting very good engagement on our videos, which increased brand awareness. These branding awareness ads help us to keep Lumity at the top of potential customers’ minds, beside increasing Lumity branded searches over time.
  • Defined the size of the targeted market and set a lower budget
  • Adapt our campaigns to the sales funnel and focus on BOF audiences
  • Target quality traffic to generate more SQLs
  • Immerse ourselves in the Lumity day to day activities so we could better understand their business and set realistic ads spend and return goals
  • Salesforce account and integrate it with our report tools for more accurate lead quality and sales result
  • Leverage AdWords bidding strategies so we generate higher quality traffic and increase lead generation
  • Focus ads spending on BOF search campaigns and stopped branding ads
Our relationship flourished right away after we defined our business goals clearly and aligned with the leaders of Lumity. We started with positioning their services within the market, after analysing the market and their services and software compared to competitors. Therefore, identifying marketing qualified leads, which increase sales qualified leads. Unlike the previous agency which they started with the spending goals and tried to create demand by spending much more than the profit they made.
All organization managers looking for an agency that would hit the ground running and all agencies want to prove themselves and show value right away, but that doesn’t generate the right outcomes. Our service value can provide our clients after we fully analysed and completely immersion into their business.
Once we integrated Salesforce and were feeding the Google AI machine with high quality conversion data, we started to see an increase in CPC and a decrease in overall leads. This may sound like a bad thing (it certainly did to the client) but our strategy was actually working very well. When we first took over the account the client was getting a fair amount of junk leads from unqualified users.
The increased CPC is indicative of the fact that we were entering higher quality auctions and paying for higher quality traffic. The plan was to increase conversion rate by maintaining a robust negative keyword list and targeting higher quality users. Although overall leads declined, the conversion rate from MQL to SQL quadrupled in the first few months. This huge increase far outweighed the increase in CPC and resulted in much better overall performance.
The increased conversion rate from MQL to SQL resulted in a 243% increase in SQLs and an 827% decrease in cost/SQL over a 6-month period. Once the account was really firing on all cylinders, we were able to determine that the client’s initial goal of $1,000,000 in ad spend per month was not realistic and we’d be most efficient while spending around $100,000 per month.

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AIC 56a Anzac st, 2nd Floor, Suite 5
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